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Data Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation has been portrayed in many different ways creating confusion and missteps for businesses. 

What’s clear is that companies successfully transitioning to a data digital environment will be the future winners.

But in practice what does it mean? Where do you start? and Does the management team have the time and experience to achieve a successful transition?

Cognitival's Data Digital Value Creation services provide affordable and impactful solutions that help solve these questions, provide a clear vision and rapidly get you on the road to success 

Research by Gartner & McKinsey shows that only 20% to 30% of Digital Transformation projects deliver the expected outcomes.

Your Data is an Asset in its Own Right


Do you have confidence in the integrity of your data?


Do you have data silos that prevent it being reused across the organization? 


We treat data as an asset and work with you to identify the data critical to the operation of the business, who uses it and what’s needed to drive improvements in business performance

Cognitival Difference

Our suite of Data Digital Value Creation (DDVC) solutions help you navigate the digital transformation landscape, maximize the impact of your digital investments and help grow the companies value.

Our methodology goes beyond just digital technology, we focus on an integrated data first end-to-end approach which incorporates people, processes and critically change management which is essential for technology adoption and scalability.

We work with you to understand your strategic goals, current state, competing offerings and market conditions.  We then collaboratively build a strategic investment plan (Roadmap) of affordable agile and prioritized data digital initiatives together with a change management plan designed to grow revenue and Margin and increase the value of your business. 



  • Appropriate and affordable to the size and maturity for the business 

  • Deliver Operational Excellence

  • Protect & increase existing revenue and margin

  • Identification of new data & technology driven revenue streams

  • Establish market differentiation & increase market share

  • Change Management and Technology Adoption plans

  • Organization readiness and scalability

  • Establish success measures for each initiative

  • Detect & eliminate potential technology vulnerabilities

  • Dashboards provide visibility of status and impact of initiatives

  • Fully supported programme implementation and skills transfer

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The most overlooked and often hardest part of any data digital transformation is managing the impact that changes have on your people, the uncertainty of change can create an unstable environment and ultimately a lack of adoption and wasted investment.  From the start we work with you to identify the processes and people who will be impacted by the change and build a change management plan heavy on engagement and communication

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