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Digital technology, internet network connection, big data, digital marketing, IoT. Program

Deal Evaluation & Due Diligence

We provide sell and buy side insights into the health of the business. 


Our real world experience delivers value adding pre and post transaction transparency, identifying growth opportunities and enabling informed decision making

Organization & Culture assessments

  • Can organization embrace rapid change? 

  • Ability to scale?

Potential for cost optimization

  • Cost savings

  • Value adding expenditure

Leadership & team assessments

Identify growth levers Including data digital monetization opportunities

Software & architecture scalability

Blockers to executing investment thesis

Acquisition integration

Cognitival Difference


Our Due Diligence offerings go beyond documenting the As-Is and identifying risks and compliance issues.

Experienced technology executives provide real life insights into the health of the business working collaboratively with you to deliver value adding pre and post transaction insights and a prioritized roadmap.

Our presale due diligence service is designed to develop a technology strategy that will streamline the sale process, eliminating potential pitfalls that could adversely impact the transaction and maximizes enterprise value.

We build a full picture of the business, identifying risk areas that can adversely impact valuation and growth levers. We then work collaboratively to build a prioritized pre-sale action plan with clearly defined success measures that ensure nothing is left to chance.

We then stay with you to support implementation and provide any change management required.

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