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Strategic Pre-Sale Planning

Are you relying on revenue & EBITDA alone to drive valuation? you relying on revenue & EBITDA alone to drive valuation?

You may be many years away from a sale but it’s never too early to start planning an exit strategy. Businesses often underestimate the distractions and amount of work involved in completing a sale.  Do you have everything in place to maximize sale price and execute a quick transaction before the market changes or the purchasers have a change of direction?

Potential purchasers are looking for the future value that can be created from the business and will pay a premium if you can articulate and demonstrate the opportunities, in contrast they will discount their valuation based perceived or real gaps in information, processes, management and other factors. 

If you want to maximize the return for shareholders its critical that you have a living exit strategy that addresses these challenges.

Typical questions that need to be addressed to maximize the transaction value:

  • What’s the best fit post sale - Strategic or Financial buyer?

  • Do you have a clear understanding of all the business & IT risks which could impact valuation or lead to a potential buyer pulling out entirely??

  • Have you curated all the key documents required for due-diligence?

  • Can you demonstrate where the new investors can create future value?

  • Are your prior years financials normalized? 

  • When to appoint advisors to support the sale process? (Investment banks, lawyers, tax accountants)

  • Should I produce a Quality of Earnings (QoE) document?

  • How sophisticated is your financial reporting / dashboards

  • What’s the best fit post sale - Strategic or Financial buyer?

Cognitival Difference

Our Strategic Pre-Sale Planning service is designed to build a living exit strategy that will streamline the sale process and maximize your return.

We build a full picture of your business, identifying areas that can impact valuation and opportunities to increase value, this includes:

  • Understanding your post sale goals

  • Data / information gaps

  • Management operating systems & reporting

  • Financial processes

  • Customer Contractual commitments and constraints

  • Customer Churn

  • Market differentiation

  • Revenue types.  (One off, recurring, reoccurring)

  • Information Technology landscape  

  • Identifying growth levers and building a future value growth roadmap

  • Early identification of potential purchasers


We work collaboratively with you to identify growth levers and build a future value  roadmap with a prioritized pre-sale action plan that ensures nothing is left to chance and you maximize the value of your business. 

We then stay with you to assist with the implementation and oversee the future sale process

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